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Tools: Socket Set w/ extensions up to 12", Pliers, Torx Head Screwdrivers, Steering Wheel Puller, & (2) Flathead Screwdrivers.

Time: 3-4 hours

Application: 99-02 Gm Trucks & SUV's

Special Notes: Please visit to order the complete kit which comes with more detailed instructions. The instructions on this site have been paraphrased and should not be used in lieu of the full instructions. Also, use extreme care when handling the air bag, though rare the airbag can deploy when disconnected.

These are all the tools used for the install.
Here is a before shot of the stock steering wheel.
The contents of the JP Customs S.W.A.C. kit


Step 1: Disconnect the battery and all of the air bag connections throughout the vehicle.
Step 2: For the interior I removed the front seat to make it easier to move about. Then, the dash bezel and kick panel had to be removed.
Step 3: Next the airbag was removed, handle with care.
Step 4: After that the horn is removed and a steering wheel puller is used to remove the steering wheel.
Step 5: Here's a shot of all the trim pieces and the steering wheel removed.
Another view of the the trim and steering wheel removed

Step 6: From there it's the easy part, the new wire harness and SIR coil is added and the wires are run through the dash to the stereo.
Step 7: Once all of the wires have been spliced into it's time to neaten them up and re-install the stereo.
Step 8: After that you just re-install the steering wheel, horn, plug in the wires, air bag, and trim and it's good to go.


Finished pictures of the install

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