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Tools: 7mm socket

Time: 5-10 minutes

Application: 99-02 Full Size Trucks & SUVs

Special Notes: Always be sure to set your parking brake when you put the truck in gear, failure to do so could result in injury to yourself and your vehicle.

Step 1: Remove the dash bezel. You can do so by putting on the parking brake, tilting the wheel all the way down, shifting into first, and then grab a corner of the bezel and firmly pull it.
Step 2: Remove the head unit. On each side there is a tab that you need to depress, and then pull the head unit towards you.
Step 3: Behind the head unit there is an antenna cable, the stereo wiring harness and a 2nd harness that leads to the remote tape/cd (if truck is equipped).




Step 4: After that you can remove the remote tape/cd player (if equipped). The coverplate is held in by two 7mm screws just beneath the CD Storage flip up plate, remove these. Then depress the clips and slide it towards you, be sure to watch the wiring harness behind it.
Step 5: Lastly you can remove the remote tape/cd wire. It runs along the right side of the cd player, behind the ash tray and down into the console.
Step 6: On the right side of the glovebox there is a rubber stopper that you can move to drop the glovebox down all the way.
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