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Tools: Drill, Small/Medium Flathead Screwdriver, Knife, Toothpick, Pliers, Electrical Tape, Rubber Cement, Wire Crimpers

Time: 2-5 hours

Application: Any Vehicle

Special Notes: This was installed by Mike Melnick at Snake Eyes Sensor Systems, Inc. He is a very friendly person and great to deal with. I would highly recommend him and this system. Since I did not perform the install the instructions are shortened. A complete set of instructions is included with the system.

Step 1: Bore camera hole: Use a hole saw to cut the hole for the camera. (Different mounting methods are available)
Step 2: Install Camera: Smear rubber cement around the lens "neck" and gently set the camera in from the back while working the grommet around.




Step 3: Run the wires around from the camera up to the sunvisor.
Step 4: Install the monitor in the sunvisor by first removing the lighted mirror. Then unhook the visor w/ supplied torx tool and install lcd screen.


Step 5: Power up the camera by splicing into the trailer wiring w/ supplied taps. This will power up the camera when in reverse.
You're done, the monitor should work in reverse.

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