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Tools: Finish nail, grinder, and safety glasses.

Time: 15 minutes

Application: Any vehicle w/ movable heardests

Special Notes: If you are taller and have your front seats back all the way dropping the midgate requires you to move the front seats forward. If you remove the headrests you do not need to slide the seats forward. This quick little mod makes it easy to remove the headrests without any tools. Also, the headrests fit easily underneath the rear seats for easy storage.

Step 1: Use a small pointy object to remove the headrests. I released one side then used my free hand to push the headrest upwards while releasing the other side
Here's a closeup of the headrest post showing the hole with the release
This is post before grinding, note the last notch is cut at a 90 degree angle




Step 2: Carefully file down the last notch to match the rest of them
Step 3: Check to make sure it works before doing the other side
Step 4: Replace the headrests and you are all set
For quick storage the headrests can be placed beneath either of the rear seats
Another picture of the headrests being stored. Flip the seat down and they will not interfere with the seat operation or midgate operation.

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