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Tools: Primer, spray-paint, clear coat, steel wool, fine sand paper, masking tape, other painting materials

Time: Varies

Application: Universal

Special Notes: Painting interior parts is a very cheap and effective way to improve the look of your vehicle. When painting always be sure to do it in a well ventilated area. Please excuse the picture quality, this was shot years ago with a crummy digital camera. Next time I do some painting I will update the pictures with something a little more clear.

Step 1: Clean the surface fully and you can sand it smooth if you dislike the texture.
Step 2: Spray it with one coat of primer and once that dries go over it w/ the steel wool to knock down any bumps. After that do another layer of primer.




Step 3: Let the primer dry for a 1/2 hour (check directions on primer can) and then spray on your first coat of paint. I choose a gloss black. After that sets up for an hour spray on your second coat.
Step 4: Let that all set for an hour or two and then re-install the piece in the vehicle.

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