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Application: 02-Up Chevy Avalanche

Special Notes: This is just pictures of how the midgate works and the other features of the chevy avalanche. Unlike the commercials, it's not really a truck or SUV, it's a crew cab short bed or a regular cab long bed. The bed with the midgate up is 5.3' and with it down it is 8.1'.

Normal View from the rear driver's side door
Normal view from the front seat
One seat folded down, you can fold down either one or both


View of seat folded down from the front. You can see the opening behind the seat to store the rear window when not in use.
Both seats folded down, you can buy a piece that will cover the gap between the back of the seats and the midgate so you don't have to worry about your dog injuring itself
Same thing from the front
Midgate dropped
View from the front seat, the tailgate is open to let some light in
Backseats folded down and the midgate up, but the rear window is out. You can leave the seats up and take out the rear window for driving around on nice days
Same view from the front. If you have the seats up the window will be covered.
Midgate down with the rear window in place. I left the toneau covers on, but they can be removed easily
Here's a shot from the tailgate showing the latches for the toneau cover (glow in the dark tips to see at night) and on each side there is a bed light.
View from the tailgate looking in.
Picture of the built in toolboxes. These are huge and hold a lot of stuff.
Another pic showing the depth of the toolbox. They run just about the entire length of the truck, plus the are watertight and lockable.

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