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Tools: Sockets: 12mm Deep, 15mm Deep, 19mm Deep, Razor Blade & #10 Torx Bit (if you have a floor mounted 4x4 shifter)

Time: 1-2 hours

Application: 99-02 Silverado/Sierra

Special Notes: My truck came with the rubber floor from the factory so I wanted to upgrade it to carpeting. I also removed the middle section of the 40/20/40 bench seat and replaced it with the console from the silverado with bucket seats.

GM Part Numbers: (ext. cab only)
Blue Carpet: #15034573
Oak Carpet: #15047963
Pewter Carpet: #15766784
Graphite Carpet: #15047961

Here are the required tools.
Step 1: Here is a before shot of the cab (minus center section which was removed previously)
Step 2: Take out the seats using the deep sockets. Then just pull out the rubber flooring.


Step 3: The shifter knob pulls right off and the housing is held on my three torx screws
Step 4: Lay in new carpeting and tuck it into all the crevices (door trim panels are held on with plastic clips). Trim around the 4x4 shifter (if applicable)
Step 5: Put the center console piece in first.
Step 6: Install rear seat and make sure the bolts are torqued to spec.
Step 7: Another view of the rear seats bolt on a 3 door model (driver's side).
Step 8: Make sure the hook on the rear seat is hooked into the bracket on the back wall.
Step 9: Install front seats and tighten bolts to spec. You are all done.
You can see where I customized the console to fit with the floor shifter. If you scroll down you can see that I added some black door edging around the cut to clean it up a bit.
Another view of the finished carpeting from the passenger side.
Leftover rubber flooring. Note the opening on the bottom of the picture for the floor shifter (if applicable). You will need to cut an opening, however not quite that large.
Leftover center seat. The bracket on the seat isn't the same as the bracket for the center console so make sure you get the proper bracket.
Another picture of the finished center console showing the modifications to fit the 4x4 shifter.

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