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Tools: coping saw or dremel tool, wire tape, wire cutters, and misc. wire ends and other connectors

Time: 30-60 minutes

Application: 99-02 GM Trucks & SUV

Special Notes: This is for serious modders only. It requires you to cut away pieces of plastic from your center console. However, it will allow you to remove your microphone and easily hide your cb in the cd compartment so that it isn't visible to would be thieves.

Step 1: The power is hooked up the MBEC, if you want more info on how to wire this in, look in the Off-Road light install. The power lead is in the "C4" section, and I just grounded it to an existing dash panel screw.
Step 2: The door sill and kick panel come off w/ a little tug and underneath the door sill panel there is a wire tray.




Step 3: I removed the rear seat (for more room to move around) and ran the wire inside the ext. cab panel to the antenna mounting point.
Step 4: The interior and exterior antenna attach w/ a type of tape. Here's a pic of the antenna from the outside, same type as the factory on-star antenna.
Finished Product.
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