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Tools: Small Flathead Screwdriver

Time: 5-10 minutes

Application: 99-02 GM Trucks & SUV

Special Notes: Always be sure to set your parking brake when the truck is in gear, failure to do so may result in damage and/or injury.

Part Numbers:
4 Pod Dash Housing: # 1504048
Blank Cover Plates (5 pk.): #15734687
Aux Lamps Switch (left): #15722980
Fob Lamps Switch (left): #15729517
Airbag Cutoff Switch (right): #15036140

Step 1: Set the parking break, pu the truck in 1st gear and tilt the wheel down all the way. Then remove the dash bezel by pulling from the indicated corner. I am removing the red toggle and replacing it with a factory Aux Lamps switch that will go in the housing.
Step 2: Remove the old housing by depressing the tabs and sliding it outwards. Unhook the airbag switch w/ the screwdriver.




Step 3: Put the airbag switch in the 4 pod housing and re-connect it. Run the wiring over to the Aux Lamps Switch and hook it up. Then replace the new housing in the dash.
Step 4: Replace dash bezel and it is all set.

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